INSIDE Awards 2019 shortlists Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre

The Oval Partnership’s Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre has been shortlisted for an INSIDE Award at the World Festival of Interior 2019.

“Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre is a 'state of the art' multi-functional theatre in the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an. It will host a diverse palette of cultural performances, concerts, educational events and exhibitions. It is where social interactions, community engagements, cultural inclusion, local creativity and the collective identity of people in Xi’an can be nurtured and celebrated. The design responds to the local context, introducing elements and materials that evoke a modern re-interpretation of Chinese architectural repertoires and traditions that characterize the Xi’an region. This design vocabulary is seamlessly embodied throughout all spaces, from the city scale down to the smallest of human scales.”

The INSIDE World Festival of Interior is the sister event of the global award World Architecture Festival to celebrate the world’s finest examples of interior design. All finalists will present their projects to an international jury and live audience, and the results will be announced at the Festival in Amsterdam on December 4-6. The Quijiang Creative Cultural Centre has been shortlisted in the Civic, Culture and Transport Category.