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The Oval Partnership has collaborated with Hermes in France and Asia, and with RDAI, their corporate architects, to implement seven projects to date in Taiwan and China. The nature of this brand demands extraordinary attention to detail in the shop drawing and construction stages, and often involves the implementation of very complex and unique staircases and large external architectural facades. Our role includes all site investigations, surveys, building owner coordination, code investigation, acting as the eyes and ears for RDAI and the client on the ground. We set up and monitor the work of the local specialist consultancy teams, and coordinate the integration of their work into the overall scheme. Oval has the responsibility to review all contractor submissions and tenders, and vet their shop drawings prior to their submission to RDAI in Paris for final approval. We then follow all aspects of site works

through to completion, including materials, factory, production and site inspections and checks, supervision of all offshore product ordering and analysis of all claims before advising on validity for payment. This work is extremely complex, touching on all aspects of project costing, construction quality both on and off site, post construction defects management, and end of guarantee period administration. The exacting and complex work ensures the highest possible level of quality in the construction process, and is necessary to support the exquisitely detailed merchandise of the brand.

All Hermes Store Design is © RDAI Paris.

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