Central, Hong Kong
100 sqm
John Lobb

Established in 1866 in the rugged terrain of Cornwall, John Lobb launched its new concept store at the Prince’s Building in Central, Hong Kong in early 2018. It is a tribute to the craftsmanship, artistry and heritage of the famous British shoemaker. In our role as local coordinating architect the Oval Partnership collaborated with design architects, RDAI, from Paris to deliver what is the first store globally to use the new John Lobb brand store concept. This will be the prototype for their future store roll outs. The new look includes a wooden slot shelving system which requires exceptional detail and workmanship. The 100 square metre shop is connected internally to the Hermes flagship store, which is also an Oval Partnership / RDAI collaboration. The interior interface between the two spaces had to be carefully integrated to ensure a seamless transition of retail experience. The end result is a store which meets the highest standards of quality and refined luxury.

All John Lobb store design is © RDAI Paris