Dalian Development Area Planning Exhibition Gallery

Dalian, China
8,800 SQM
DDA Administration Committee

The newly constructed Dalian Development Area Planning Exhibition Gallery (DDAPEG) is an intelligent and interactive multimedia gallery in the first development area in China designed by Oval partnership. Currently it is one of the most modern Planning Exhibition Halls in China. As a living room for the development and planning of Dalian, our design promotes public participation and sharing, whilst at the same time providing a platform for inward investment .

An immense physical model of Dalian is used as the basis for interpretation - introduction, planning highlights, history zone, history planning zone, future zone, tourist zone, sustainable development zone, industrial zone, land and natural resources zone, transportation zone, infrastructure zone, VIP investment zone. A total of 15 special themes. Moreover, with a specially-designed layout and interior design, a series of spaces is created focusing on understanding the Dalian urban fabric, inspiring exploration and stimulating further interest in the city.