Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery

Chongqing, China
8,300 SQM
Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau

The Oval Partnership was commissioned by the Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau to lead a multi-disciplinary consultant team to conceptualise, design and provide implementation guidance for the exhibition and interior fit-out of the Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery (CQPEG), one of the star projects of the city government in its major development drive for this 4th and largest municipality city state in mainland China. Located within a converted existing building situated at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jianing Rivers - arguably the most prominent location of the entire city, the exhibition employs state-of-the-art multimedia interactive exhibits and virtual experiences, together with physical models, exciting graphics, atmospheric lighting, and immersive audio-visual impressions to create a unique experience presenting the historical aspects of the city's development and more importantly, showcasing for the first time the city government’s vision of the future Chongqing to the general public, both locally and nationally, as well as visitors from overseas. During the first week after the Grand Opening on September 29, 2005, the daily number of visitors exceeded 10,000.