42 Tung St.

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
1,830 SQM
The Development Studio

Located in the Poho area of Sheung Wan, this project comprises a single residential tower and a 3-storey commercial podium which takes inspiration from the unique urban fabric of the neighbourhood.

42 Tung St. is an exclusive 23-storey residential development providing 13 boutique residential units (9 simplexes and 4 duplexes) above a 3-storey commercial podium. Each residence is served by an individual lift lobby providing an exclusive sense of arrival and an extended entry experience that starts with the lift on ground floor.

The architectural concept draws on a traditional Tong Lau shop house typology and the design language typical of the area. Consequently, the building form adopts a strong ‘grid’ aesthetic expressing columns and beams across a modular façade. The proposed material and colour palette in low-key painted and modular tiled finishes with accent metal work is in keeping with the character of the Tai Ping Shan area. The interior continues this dark and light contrast of the architecture, with featured private lobby, kitchen, bathroom, and clubhouse threaded together with a dark bronze accent in an otherwise light context of beige stone and desaturated wood.

The ground floor entrance integrates with the streetscape and stepped pavement design of the area. The residential lobby and shop space activate the main facade at street level to engage with pedestrians and the public. A landscaped area with potential for al-fresco dining occupies 2m site setback from Tung Street, to enliven the streetscape and improve the local urban environment. The characteristic yet modest architectural design with reference to traditional tenement house aims to blend the development into the built environment and promote civic pride with a strong sense of belonging.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2023 | Best Luxury Apartment Architecture in Hong Kong
2023 International Design Awards (IDA) | Gold in Residential Architecture Design (Urban)