Jiaxing, China
210,000 sqm
China Resources Land

Nanhu Place is located in Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province. Its design takes natural landscape, historical architecture and cultural background into full consideration. Nanhu Place in Jiaxing City is a pioneering project for the city.


Developed by CR Land, Nanhu Place and the Nanhu Lakefront Enhancement Project are situated at the historic Nanhu Lake. The site, along with the lakeside landscape, covers a total area of 210,000 sqm. The design preserved and revitalised historical buildings in the site, such as the Jiaxing Silk Yarn Factory, its warehouse, office building/kindergarten, and Nanhu Secondary School; integrating them into the overall planning. The masterplan includes four major clusters: Yuanhu Lanes, Jiaxing Silk Impression, Nanhu Academy and Nanyan Lake New Scenery. The new buildings co-exist harmoniously with the existing historical buildings on the site.  

From the beginning of the project, the Oval Partnership has worked closely with the client to ensure the project’s viability. In the first two days of its opening, the project attracted more than 420,000 visitors, becoming a new landmark in Jiaxing.