Masterplan for The World Heritage Forum

Lijiang, Yunnan, China
10,000 SQM
Lijiang Yulong Tourism Co Ltd

The Ancient Town of Lijiang, in Yunnan Province, is rich in cultural and natural resources. It was built in late Song and early Yuan Dynasties, with more than 800 years of history. For a time, it was an important trading centre for business between Yunnan, Tibet, China and India. In 1997, the Ancient Town of Lijiang was inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List confirming its value as a cultural and natural site requiring protection for the benefit of all humanity. It is the centre for the Naxi Ethnic Minority and a focus for economic and cultural exchanges between the Tibetan, Han, Bai and other minority ethnic groups in the area.

The Master Plan reflects the culture and history of the old town whilst providing new facilities and modern standards of comfort. The plan is divided into two main areas: Hotel, forum and spa to the east and cultural amenities and retail to the west.