KPMG-CCTF Community Centre

Cifeng Village, Sichuan Province, China
400 SQM
KPMG China & China Children & Teenagers’ Fund

The Oval Partnership and KPMG China, in partnership with China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF) and Chengdu Women’s Federation, have built an exemplar green community centre in Cifeng Village Sichuan Province of China as part of efforts to renovate the deprived, earthquake-devastated region and promote the development of the local rural communities.

The Oval Partnership and Integer China have made full use of locally sourced materials in building a people-oriented, energy-saving, and environmentally sustainable village. The project's main construction materials have come from renewable resources - reconstituted bamboo, agricultural straw fibre panel walls and recycled timber windows. The centre is the world’s first long-span reconstituted bamboo structure.

The project has received pro bono manpower, resources and financial support from 30 international and domestic green enterprises, research institutions and government agencies through partnership.

The 450 square meter Community Centre was opened on 17 May 2010, and is used for local children’s extracurricular activities and villagers' vocational training. The project demonstrates advanced sustainable rural community development by means of corporate sponsorship, public participation and public-private partnership, and it is hoped will serve as a paragon for improving sustainable construction, educational, cultural and recreational facilities in rural communities.

DFA Design for Asia Awards | Bronze Award
Perspective Awards | Best of the Best
Perspective Awards | Trophy in Green or Sustainable Build
Green Building Awards | Finalist
National Human Settlement Best Practice Design | Gold Award