Urban Analyst

Hong Kong (Headquarters)
We are seeking candidates to join our Digital Placemaking team for a flagship project with a globally recognised client.

The Digital Placemaking and Research teams at The Oval Partnership conduct research involving the use and visualisation of near real-time data sets generated by urban networks, cities and their citizenry. The digital revolution is layering expanding systems of cameras, communication devices, micro-controllers and sensors over our environment, enabling entirely new ways to imagine, monitor, and understand our cities. The value of these digital systems that blanket urban space reaches far beyond the various components’ intended purposes: mobile phone networks reveal social and economic patterns, tracking systems highlight global material flows, and digitally-monitored transportation modes expose human mobility routes.



  • Collaborate with in-house architects, urbanists and a small but growing team of data professionals
  • Collect and integrate data to communicate project vision and placemaking strategies
  • Refine disparate data for statistical and geospatial analysis
  • Conduct data modelling for visualisation tools and development of metrics outside typical quantitative assessment
  • Responsible for data pipeline, data modelling, validation, cleansing and governance work
  • Collaborate with existing analysts for product design and engineering
  • Prototype tools (both the front and back-end) through an iterative process
  • Create demos to validate requirements



  • Holder of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in urban design, real estate, IT, data science, geography — GIS background advantageous
  • Familiar with different kinds of spatial data processing, calculation and analysis in GIS
  • Prior experience in QGIS / ArcGIS
  • Experience with analysis tools such as SQL, Excel VBA and Python to extract and process data advantageous
  • Experience in front-end programming with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript,
  • Prior experience in architecture, urban design, real estate industry a plus
  • Good language, communication skills (preferably fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin) for reporting and connecting with people across our offices and outside



  • Enthusiastic about urbanism and the city and possess sensitivity to the business of real estate
  • Good and emerging analytical and communication skills
  • Embrace collaboration and teamwork, be ready to take on responsibilities
  • Willing to engage and use critical thinking, especially with data analytics


We invite interested applicants to submit the following materials to hr@ovalpartnership.com.

  • A motivation letter stating the applicant’s interest in working with Oval and in particular including: research areas and/or projects of particular interest within the given scope, key relevant competencies of the applicant, dates of availability
  • CV and portfolio of sample work attached
  • An applicant should be ready to provide letters of recommendation or contacts of provided references upon request

Salary will be commensurate with the successful candidates’ skills and experience. Additional information about Digital Placemaking at Oval and its projects is available at www.ovalpartnership.com. If you have any questions, please contact hr@ovalpartnership.com.


The Oval Partnership is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Published on February 8, 2022