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Wanchai South Conceptual Plan

Over the past twenty years the urban environment of Wanchai South has steadily deteriorated. Its once prosperous shops have become dilapidated, its streets are choked with traffic, its people impoverished and its businesses threatened. The LDC has identified this area as one of the priority targets for urban regeneration.

Clearly Wanchai citizens need a sustainable environment. This is a case-study example of why sustainability matters and The Oval Partnership has developed detailed proposals to tackle the root problems. Improvements in the urban environment and new business initiatives will be key to Wanchai’s regeneration. 

Our experience in other cities has taught us that the most successful regeneration is design led. We have made four key recommendations: 1) Environmental improvement. 2) Better management of public spaces 3) Creation of business and job opportunities for the local community 4) Improvement of housing quality.

Client | Land Development Corporation
Location | Wanchai, Hong Kong
Year | 2002
Size | 2 square mile