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The Hong Kong Infrastructure Experience Exhibition

The Hong Kong Infrastructure Experience Exhibition at the Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery challenges the public to engage with information in new ways. Hosted by the HKSAR Planning Department, this semi-permanent exhibition showcases current infrastructure projects and future development being planned over the next 10 years. There are 4 zones to the exhibition: Town Planning, Tourism, Transport and Logistics, and Environmental Protection.

The project was also taken as a unique opportunity to push the boundary of our profession into multi-disciplinary and multi-media design - every aspect of which was overseen by the design team.

An attempt is made to dematerialize the boundaries between different zones. Predominantly constructed of metal fabric, glass and flexed timber screens, the permeability of multi-layered screen walls allows inter-penetration between spaces and creates an illusion of depth.

Client | Government of HKSAR
Location | Hong Kong
Year | 2002
Size | 580 sqm