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Revitalizing Old Wanchai

Wan Chai started to grow in the 1900s, when it was known for its Edwardian terraced buildings, a catholic mission, numerous small workshops, and the first electrical plant. At the request of the Old Wan Chai Revitalisation Initiatives Special Committee, Swire Properties submitted to the Government a proposal for a Public-Private Partnership for the Revitalisation of Old Wan Chai in general, and streetscape improvement works in and around St. Francis Street, Sun Street and Moon Street in particular. The proposal is built on the belief that Hong Kong's cultural fabric is one of its greatest assets, and that it is possible to develop a sustainable urban future through the development of this strength.

The objective of the proposal for the revitalisation of Old Wan Chai is to enhance the shared streetscape and adjacent open spaces through improvements to the street furniture, paving, lighting, railings and signage. This allows us to focus on ways to rebuild a sense of identity and purpose in the area by promoting local features and by integrating the established historical and cultural heritage with a modern, sustainable environment that is attractive to residents, visitors and businesses alike.

Client | Swire Properties Ltd
Location | Hong Kong
Year | 2009