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MTR East TST Station

Noting the potential enhancement value of the existing station premises at Salisbury Road, the MTR Corporation initiated a study into potential upgrading of the current circulation areas and at-grade retail areas including the area-wide accessibility and facilities intended for the enjoyment of railway passengers and the general public.

Initial design concepts aim to create a vibrant retail, food and beverage destination and enhance the station entrance in the form of an open pedestrianized forecourt providing direct access to both the station and related trading areas under the management of the MTR Corporation. Besides fulfilling all the functional requirements of the station operations, the development also provides improved pedestrian connectivity to an existing LCSD park above the station through reconfiguration of the external access stairs connecting with the elevated walkway system ultimately providing direct connectivity to the TST waterfront.

Client | MTR Corporation
Location | Hong Kong
Year | 2016
Size | 6,500 sqm