Projects | Sustainability, Masterplanning
Kunshan Healthcare Park

This proposal for a Health Park demonstrates particularly well the importance of close collaboration between many parties in order to bring about successful sustainable regeneration in mainland China. 

As the first national world-class healthcare-based business park this project provides comprehensive facilities for healthcare R&D, education and communication, a green business hotel, SOHO style park, R&D centre, management facilities, sales and public service area. 

Appointed by Wisdom International Group, Integer China Ltd aims to deliver a truly sustainable, thriving engaged community, integrating high environmental performance, efficient business, leisure and domestic facilities. .A series of waterfront courtyards provide spatial flexibility to accommodate changing healthy lifestyles, activities and experiences. The design adopts a low energy mixed mode design to optimise passive solar energy, natural ventilation and daylight. A hierarchy of public spaces connects into the surrounding landscape: a public lakeside park , small islands with varying health themes, quiet garden courtyards linking to the various neighbourhoods providing a valuable public amenity and dedicated pedestrian and bicycle routes. The Health Park is also intended to inspire interactive entertainment, training and education.

Client | Wisdom International Group
Location | Kunshan, China
Year | 2006
Size | 50,000 sqm