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Hengqin Island Concept Master Planning

The proposed development of the eighty-six square kilometre Hengqin Island is a golden opportunity to reinforce coordinated development of the Great Pearl River Delta region with strategic sustainable industry and spatial planning on a large scale. 

The concept master plan proposal, developed by Oval Partnership in association with a team of international consultants, proposes a development strategy for Hengqin Island that is responsive to current political, social, environmental and economic contexts and longer term challenges. The proposal aims at strengthening cross-border co-operation between Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong, promoting mutual benefit, optimizing industrial infrastructure and creating a high-quality green living zone for a Pan-Pearl River Delta. The vision is to establish a “green lung”, an urban-escape destination for world cities in the region and to develop eco-tourism, environmental and service industries. 

The strategy for Hengqin Island is to provide an integrated and coordinated plan for the region, encouraging mutual cooperation and support from the Macanese casino industry to provide cross-funding for environmental improvement, economic and industrial growth, enhanced transport networks and improved spatial planning. It is proposed that the core industry on the island should be based upon alternative sustainable development - eco and environmental industries, service industries, organic agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and forestry, rural crafts, wellness and healthcare, leisure and recreational tourism, and conservation and sustainability training. The scheme also proposes a large reserve of open space for future controlled development.

Client | Melco International
Location | Zhuhai, China
Year | 2008
Size | 86 sqkm