Projects | Retail, Mixed Use
Hangzhou Intime City

The Oval Partnership is the chief architect of the 390, 000 sq.m.Hangzhou Intime City project, comprising a range of mixed use contents, acting as a regional center, including retail, entertainment, hotel, offices and apartment. Hangzhou Intime City provides a variety of atmospheres, zones, and themes that enrich the urban centre experience. The scheme comprises of an indoor GALLERIA and an outdoor Canalside Walk. The centre is asymmetrical and dynamic in forms; provided large open spaces for events, shopping, dining, entertaining and people-watching, etc. The project opened in September 2013 and attracted over 200,000 people on its first day and a sale record of RMB 12 million.

Client | Intime Department Group
Location | Hangzhou, China
Year | 2009
Size | 390,000 SQM