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Great Fen

Our proposal is part of a continuing exploration of transient territory and the palimpsest of man’s history in the landscape. The landscape of our Great Fen visitor centre will over time become dotted with lightweight timber ‘fen huts’ – modest sheds with a multitude of uses, connected by a network of raised boardwalks. The footings of the existing barn are used as the base for a new visitor hub and workshop for the construction of the huts. These fen huts are based on a standard pattern but can be adapted to a variety of uses. Different materials – thatch, willow, clay, timber can be used and the construction of the huts would be part of a charitable sustainable construction training programme. The huts will be wheeled out into position along the boardwalks and can be brought back to ‘base’ for re-fitting and repair. This would all be part of the theatre of the visitor experience.

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Location | England
Year | 2011
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