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Designing Hong Kong

Designing Hong Kong is a community based participatory design process that aims to be totally inclusive and accessible to anyone with ideas and opinions on major urban areas of Hong Kong. The work is organized as a series of public surveys, street stations, workshops, symposia as well as practical help for residents of run down buildings. The conclusions of the project are assembled as reports and are widely publicized in the media. Copies are submitted to various government bodies for consideration as part of the urban planning process. The work is undertaken by local residents, social workers, lawyers, engineers, architects, bankers, doctors and politicians. In 1999 the events focused on urban renewal of the Wanchai district of Hong Kong. The Oval Partnership has played a major role in the inception, fundraising, planning and execution of Designing Hong Kong and our staff has taken an active role in all of the events.

At the Oval Partnership, we have always accepted the notion that as professionals we should be prepared to tithe our expertise, to make a provision to undertake work in the community that might not be realized were it left to the laws of free market commercialism. But this is not just charity. We consider it a vital part of the development of the practice, offering opportunities to our staff for a much wider contact with the world at large and the chance to absorb information at first hand from our ultimate market, the consumers of our work. It provides opportunities for continuing professional development, broad based and meaningful dialogue with a wide cross-section of society which will ultimately add to the strength and the knowledge base of the practice itself.

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Location | Hong Kong
Year | 1999
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