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Cat's Cradle Pylon

In an attempt to emulate the low-tech, carbon neutral appeal of the traditional British timber telegraph pole (with its familiar creosote smell, lost cat notices and bird boxes) we explored numerous options for timber lattice and woven organic structures without much success. 

We then hit upon the idea of breaking the pylon down into a single supporting composite ‘wand’ for each cable: a ‘bunch of sticks’ that would be extremely stable and highly adaptable to varying terrain with a minimum number of standard elements. We believe three standard lengths would be sufficient - these could therefore be manufactured in very large quantities, exploiting economies of scale, to a refined level of detail at a competitive cost.

Using a simple spatial algorithm to ensure the cables remain at the correct distances from each other, cables can criss cross between pylons, providing additional horizontal bracing. 

Client | RIBA Competition
Location | UK
Year | 2011
Size | -