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1 Hotel Haitang Bay

Operated by Starwood Capital Group, 1 Hotels is a luxury lifestyle hotel brand driven by eco-conscious design and sustainable architecture. 1 Hotel Haitang Bay on Hainan Island is the first property for the group in Asia. The design take cues from the geographical characteristics as well as cultural and scenic landscape of Hainan, while adhering to the principle of sustainable travel that the hotel brand stands for.

Perched at 22 metres above sea level, the hotel commands a breath-taking view of the Haitang Bay which also enhances natural lighting and cross ventilation. The hotel adopts a single loaded corridor which affords every room nice sea views as well as ventilation and ample nature light. To channel nature into architecture, the hotel is planned around a lush landscape garden situated to its east. As the fifth façade, the rooftop space has been put to good use, built with three individual villas equipped with sky gardens as well as a rooftop sky farm in the north wing.

Local vernacular architecture and passive environmental design guided the overall aesthetics of the project. A series of external shading devices and green landscape bring about a spatial experience that is rich in layer, heightened by the interplay of light and shadow. Green walls with local vegetation are extensively used on the elevation, coupled with staggered roof terraces and semi-open courtyards to encourage the integration of the architecture with its natural surroundings. Warm timbers and weather resistant metals work well with locally sourced lava stones to celebrate the beauty of humble, natural materials.

The hotel also incorporated a number of sustainable technology such as rainwater recycling, grey water reuse, solar thermal hot water, energy efficient E&M system, organic farm, etc.. The result is a relaxed, comfortable, natural, ecological, open, simple and modern environment that aligns with the DNA of the 1 Hotels brand.

Client: 1 Hotels by Starwood Capital Group

Location: Sanya, China

Year: 2020

Size: 68,348 sqm